About Us


Hello & Welcome!  👋

My name is Abby & I am the owner of Park & Main Boutique. Im a busy mama of 2 & wife to my best friend Elija  P&M is a one man operation out of the Good life state of Nebraska  GO BIG RED!! I do however have helping hands at multiple warehouses throughout the US that help with shipping & holding inventory for P&M & COMING SOON Going My helpers will even be going live on our socials



About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to leap into this dream of mine head first & I did just that….but WHY?!  What motivated me to do something this crazy during the pandemic?!  Well, other than my deep love for fashion I also have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. There’s just something about planting a seed, nurturing that seed & watching it grow before your eyes….



I am committed to bringing you trendy  styles that make you feel like the Queen that you are, Affordable styles that you can wear proudly & confidently as well as unique pieces that you aren’t going to see everywhere.


Something I always say is “Don’t hide your body,  camouflage those areas of insecurity if you need to but The key point to remember is, BE KIND to yourself & LOVE yourself always, even the parts you dislike.”



I’m a huge sucker for looking cute & put together (even if iI’m in the school pick up line or just going to grab the mail) but also staying comfortable. Our styles here will surely reflect that & also offer more dressy styles for those special occasions / events.


From Work to Play, i got you!



Helping you style looks for all your events & occasions & helping you Build a wardrobe that you’ll love doesn’t even feel like work to me, it’s just fun!!


Fashion is such a fun way to express yourself & show off your personality. There really is no right or wrong way to do it, Play around with things & get creative, that’s all part of the fun! 



Park & Main is really inspired by Family. There is nothing in this world that’s more important to me & they are the push behind this venture. They are the reason I said yes to my dream.



We are all made so beautifully different & i want to help you feel comfortable, confident & right at home when you shop Park & Main, Like you’re  part of our family! 


 I am over the moon excited to get to know you & welcome you as part of the Park & Main family!